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Mad Love traverses a broad palette, with a mix of originals and expertly arranged, well-known tunes. Hollingsworth has many talents, all on display on ISH. From writing to arranging to singing and, most importantly, a valuable instrumentalist in the trio. ISH is a worthy listen throughout, and one I hope brings more attention to this talented artist.

 -Elberton Cisnero, 5FingerReview


ISH is a gem of a recording that highlights Hollingsworth’s effusion of ideas. The trio has a robust communicative approach that executes each track with strong confluence. ISH is a varied journey of jazz mixed with strong songwriting that is typically found in the Americana genres. Hollingsworth takes that idea and imprints it well into the jazz idiom with modern-day tonalities and rhythms. A welcomed change from the standard swing fare.

-Jeff Becker, Jazz Sensibilities

"An extremely mature outing, ISH is a feel good record where plenty of sophisticated genres are touched on, as Hollingsworth’s flawless pipes are complemented by strong musicianship."

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"ISH" is an adventurous jazz album from a band that imbues the elements of Americana and Rock in a jazz format that has all the features of Modern Jazz with accessibility to switch to a wide audience, yet retains its jazz roots.
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ISH is a project that will draw the attention of a broad audience. The music is balanced, and the styles are diverse. The guest artists add to the core sound of the trio and support Hollingsworth’s music vision with finesse. The three arrangements are creative and bring something new to the songs. The original music is fresh, sounding with a jazz vibe that extends to a multi-genre appeal.
by Amity Hereweard
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